Agro-Ecology Vs Agribusiness

The Net Zero in New Zealand report highlights ways and means of reducing GHG emissions later this century. Intensive land use, particularly pastoral farming highlights how solving this problem has become a race for technological solutions. Many of these technological solutions are fantastic, but do they address root causes?     There is no mention of the role of agro-ecological methods as if such...

Back the truck up.

It could well be the time for New Zealand to rethink our 150-year trajectory of milk growth. The dairy industry began its journey late in the 19th century when European settlers imported dairy cattle to provide milk, butter and cheese for local supply. As early as 1846, only six years after the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi, exports began. In 1882 New Zealand used a refrigerated shipment on...

Carbon: Soil’s Secret to Saving Civilisation

What do soil surfaces look like to absorb 200mm rainfall per hour?  This question is not asked in New Zealand agriculture and is overlooked because no text book illustrates this essential principle. The photo shows what soil surfaces look like to maximise rainfall absorption – cottage cheese, not cheddar. Note the soil colour is black, not grey as many NZ farming soils are described. This colour...

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