Victoria Crawford-Flett

AuthorVictoria Crawford-Flett

Victoria Crawford-Flett is an integral part of the team at Young Enterprise Trust, based in Wellington. A recent graduate from the Victoria University Business School, she has a particular interest in business, education and environmental sustainability. Young Enterprise Trust provides a range of enterprise and financial literacy resources to schools throughout New Zealand. In 2014 Young Enterprise worked with over 90,000 students to turn them into entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs and people that can manage their money.

Kaika Energy: Transforming Your Future

Otago Daily Times

With food waste becoming an imminent global issue, students from Kaikorai Valley College are doing their part to minimise food wastage in Otago. Their business, Kaika Energy is a biotechnology social enterprise focused on collecting food waste and turning it into bio-fuel and fertilizer. Almost half of the world’s food is thrown away every year, while over 800 million people go hungry. In New...

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