Vanessa Wills

AuthorVanessa Wills

Vanessa is a Senior Advisor in the AA’s Motoring Affairs team. Having practised as a lawyer for five years then taking on senior roles in advocacy and corporate and public affairs, Vanessa has spent the last decade addressing issues, determining outcomes, and sharing key messages in order to effect particular and measurable change. She holds a Masters in Environmental Law (Hons) from the University of Auckland, as well as a Bachelor of Gender and Women’s Studies from the University of Otago. She’s a born and bred Aucklander who loves to travel and eat her way through best restaurant lists.

The AA: Towards a More Efficient, Less Polluting, Transport System

There’s no beating around the bush. We know that cars produce emissions: transport as a sector produces nearly 20 percent of our country’s emissions, and private vehicles make up 12 percent of that, so we’re dealing with a significant chunk of CO2 and other nasty gases here. We also know that climate change is real, it’s happening and we need to change our behaviour to mitigate the effects and...

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