Tracey Martin

AuthorTracey Martin

Tracey was elected as a New Zealand First list Member of Parliament based in Warkworth at the 2011 Election. For the 50th and 51st Parliaments Tracey has been a member of the Education and Science Select Committee as well as working on specific bills at the Social Services Select Committee and the Justice and Electoral Select Committee. As a previous Credit Controller Tracey created New Zealand First’s “Up Front Investment Tertiary Policy”, to shift students from a financial debt to a skill debt in New Zealand, Tracey is the New Zealand First Spokesperson for Education, Women, Broadcasting, Communications and IT.

Globe NZ and Cross Party Efforts

Until recently I would have described myself as your average Kiwi Jane when it came to my understanding of Climate Change, the Paris Agreement and how our country might meet its international commitments. Even without the in-depth and expert knowledge I now have access to in my position as an MP, like many New Zealanders I knew that it was simply madness to pollute the place you live, the air you...

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