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AuthorTony Johnston

With 20 years experience in the international wood products sector, Tony is also involved at the ownership and governance levels of two enterprises commercializing new technologies, Wood Engineering Technology Ltd. and Actionstep Ltd. Currently Tony is President Asia-pacific of Tenon Ltd., a NZX listed company headquartered in Auckland, and was previously an executive director of LumberLink Limited, the inaugural CEO of Wood Processors Association of New Zealand, Chairman of WOODCO the NZ forest products industry peak body and CEO of Thames Group Limited. Tony was a senior executive in the Fletcher Challenge Forests business during the decade of the 1990s where amongst other things he lived and worked in the USA spearheading Fletcher Forest’s entry into the North American wood distribution business.

Optimised Engineered Lumber – OEL™ Reengineering the Built Environment

In my previous article I made the case for the significant advantages that engineered wood products (EWP) from a plantation grown forest brings.  Wood is a spectacular and clever evolutionary wonder, where trees use sunlight to convert carbon dioxide into a trunk that is simultaneously light, flexible and strong.  Strong enough for a tree to hold many tons high enough to be above its neighbour...

Wood: The Way Forward

As New Zealand heads into what is being anticipated to be the largest period of home building in its history, with 40,000 homes per annum expected over an extended number of years, the question is raised as to where we will get the resources necessary to make this happen. Resource categories critical to successfully achieving the plan include: Land resources to build on People resources to...

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