Tom McLeod

AuthorTom McLeod

Tom McLeod is originally from the East Coast of Canada (Maritime Province of New Brunswick) and grew up with seaweed as part of his daily diet. He moved to New Zealand over 30 years ago and has held positions in ICT, Government and Innovation. He was also involved in the world's first intelligent dispatch algorithm software business eventually exiting to a US company. Tom currently consults to organizations. He is passionate about using New Zeland's pure geographical advantages to create economic and environmental transformational "platform plays" to increase prosperity for Kiwis.

There’s more to seaweed than just a superfood

I am sure many of us have walked along a beach after a storm and witnessed seaweed strewn amongst the sand. Many of us would consider it to just be a foul-smelling “weed” without realising that most of us consume seaweed every day in food products such as sushi or miso soup, or seaweed extracts in foods such as ice cream, and yogurt. Humans have eaten seaweeds for tens of thousands of years and...

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