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AuthorSimon Arnold

Simon Arnold is CEO of the National Energy Research Institute (NERI) half-time. His other roles are: Managing Director of (commercialisation of physic and engineering research including New Zealand's capabilities in superconductivity); Executive Director of Blended Fuel Solutions NZ Ltd (manufactures "fit-for-purpose" fuels including pyrolysis of waste through subsidiary Nufuels Ltd); convener of the Liquid Biofuels Interest Group of the Bioenergy Association of NZ; and member of the industry advisory group of the MacDiarmid Institute for Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology. Simon has also had senior roles in public policy and administration and in various business organisations.

Net Zero in New Zealand? Let’s first sort out what New Zealand should do, and wants to do.

The National Energy Research Institute (NERI) is working on an energy research strategy for New Zealand. This is both narrower than Net Zero in NZ (we exclude non-energy GHGs) and broader (we worry about risks beyond GHGs and include international activity). The comments that follow are limited to energy but could well be more generally applied. We have approached the research strategy by looking...

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