Prof. Barry Barton

AuthorProf. Barry Barton

At Waikato, Barry Barton is a Professor of Law and the Director of the Centre for Environmental, Resources and Energy Law. In the international field, he is the New Zealand member of the Academic Advisory Group of the Section of Energy, Environment, Natural Resources and Infrastructure Law of the International Bar Association. His current work concerns climate change, property rights under the RMA, electric vehicles, mining, and community benefits from resources projects.

Why Isn’t the Government Producing Reports Like Net Zero in New Zealand?

One question that comes to me while reading the Net Zero in New Zealand report is, “why isn’t the government producing reports like this?” It’s a question worth exploring for how we are going about the task of climate change policy-making in New Zealand. What GLOBE-NZ have commissioned is a really valuable insight into different ways that we might address climate change. The scenarios help show...

What to Look for in the Draft Energy Efficiency and Conservation Strategy

In Professor Barry Barton’s previous article, he stated that Energy efficiency will account for 51% of all cumulative emissions savings by 2040 if the world moves from business as usual to what the International Energy Agency calls the New Policies Scenario, while renewables will only account for 24%. When you think about it, that puts energy efficiency in an extraordinarily important place...

What to Look for in Energy Efficiency Policy

Some energy and climate change stories are easier to tell than others. Electric vehicles and renewable energy are easy to talk about as elements of an energy transition to a low-carbon future. Energy efficiency is harder, and that’s a paradox, because it offers some of the most rapid, permanent, and profitable ways to make progress in greening our way of life. So it is pleasing to hear that the...

What to Look for in Electric Vehicle Policy

Electric vehicles have been getting a lot of attention. Rightly so; they are exciting, and their arrival is a benefit environmentally. They have attracted the attention of the government, and we are expecting that Simon Bridges, as the Minister of Transport and of Energy, will make a policy announcement on EVs before long. What are we looking for in this or any other announcement that might be...

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