Piers Maclaren

AuthorPiers Maclaren

Piers Maclaren is a retired forestry scientist. He was editor of the New Zealand Journal for Forestry from 2009–2012, worked for many years at the Forest Research Insitute (now Scion), and won the Thomas Kirk Horn Award for forestry in 2006. His publications include The Radiata Pine Growers’ Manual (1993), an industry classic, and The Environmental Effects of Planted Forests in New Zealand (1996). He’s also an early advocate of afforestation for climate change mitigation, publishing Trees in the Greenhouse in 2000.

Using carbon credits to reforest our hills

Many people don’t understand how trees “sequester” carbon. Sometimes they think that any forest will do the job. The reality is that all plants extract carbon out of the air as their basic food source, but they also put carbon back into the air, either directly or indirectly when they decompose. The balance is critical. If they are exporting more carbon than they are absorbing, forests can...

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