Paul Stanley Ward & Dr Marie Brown

AuthorPaul Stanley Ward & Dr Marie Brown

Marie is the Senior Policy Analyst for EDS and the lead author of Vanishing Nature: facing New Zealand’s biodiversity crisis. She has degrees in science and environmental law and a PhD from the University of Waikato that focussed on the use of ecological compensation under the RMA. Paul is a Wellington writer; his CV lists Oxford, Discovery Channel, NZ On Screen editor and pulling manky rats from traps in Polhill Gully. He is a lifelong bird-nerd.

Urban Form

Make no mistake; it’s their city too – living with nature in the age of ecological restoration. If you’re lucky in Wellington these days, you might look up and spy the rufous beauty that is a screeching kākā. Extinct in Wellington for nearly a century, the bush parrots are spilling over the predator-proof fence of Zealandia and (tenuously) into the city. As the natives comeback, the humans...

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