Paul Callister

AuthorPaul Callister

Paul Callister is a Kapiti based economist who has undertaken social and economic research on local, national, and cross-national issues for a wide range of public, private sector and voluntary organisations. Paul volunteers for three local Kapiti restoration groups, Nga Uruora, Whareroa Farm and Queen Elizabeth Park. He also co-ordinates the ‘Kapiti Mainland Island’, a predator control project involving over 2,000 hectares of land. Paul also run's a number of lizard conservation projects but that is a whole different story.

Flights of Fancy

Is it better for the environment to fly from Wellington to Nelson than take the ferry and a bus? Some claim the former but is this simply a flight of fancy? The issue of carbon footprints came up when a friend of mine was out at dinner in Wellington. Included in the group were policy advisors and PR consultants from various Government environmental agencies. My friend was describing how he had...

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