Nigel Brunel

AuthorNigel Brunel

Nigel Brunel is Director, Financial Markets at OMF. OMF is a leading carbon broker and member of the NZX. Nigel is one of the original OMF team, joining the firm in 1986. Nigel has considerable experience and understanding of the financial markets with particular emphasis on renewable energy, commodity, dairy and equity futures markets. He is also a prominent figure in the NZ carbon and dairy markets.

The End of Carbon and a Price of Zero

The recent Vivid Economics report prepared for Globe-NZ covers different scenarios in which New Zealand can follow to achieve a low-emissions future. The excellent Net Zero in NZ report can be downloaded here. I’ll leave you to go through the report but the short story is New Zealand has to travel the “Resourceful or Innovative” track in order to decarbonise our economy in the second half of this...

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