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AuthorNancy Golubiewski

Nancy Golubiewski is an ecosystem ecologist and land system scientist with interdisciplinary experience in both research and policy settings. She pursues exploring interconnections in order to understand socio-ecological integrity and sustainability. Through much of her scientific research, she has investigated the ecological implications of land-use change at a variety of scales (local to national) using field-based measurements, remote sensing analytics, geospatial techniques, and systems analyses. Drawing on this scientific expertise, she also advises on evidence-based environmental policy and management. Currently, she brings all this together in her work as a Senior Researcher in the Research and Evaluation Unit at Auckland Council.

Space: the Final Frontier. Smart cities as urban ecosystems

Not so long ago, I gave an invited keynote presentation to an annual meeting of ICT professionals, themed “Shaping the future, leading the change”.   A somewhat daunting task for an ecologist to speak on this subject to a room full of technology experts, not helped by the fact that a world-leading futurist, Thomas Frey, spoke the day before. But, I loved the theme of this meeting:  Shaping the...

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