Mike Manning

AuthorMike Manning

Mike Manning (B.Ag.Sc) is currently CP Ag General Manager Innovation & Strategy at Ravensdown. Mike has a vast experience in the fertiliser industry with some 34 years of direct involvement. Mike has responsibility for Ravensdown’s Innovation & Strategy. This encompasses but not limited to the Ravensdown research and development Investments, the PGP research partnership with MPI, ARL the company owned soil and plant diagnostic laboratory, the developing Ravensdown Environmental Consultancy business and the Ravensdown Environmental policy team.

Soil Testing from the Sky

Since the “Green Revolution” in the middle of the 20th century, mineral fertilisers have greatly boosted food production. However, the use of fertilisers can have environmental impacts where nutrients are in excess of plant requirements and become susceptible to leach into ground and/or surface water. Conversely, insufficient fertiliser applied to replace the nutrients removed as a consequence of...

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