Mike Bassett-Smith

AuthorMike Bassett-Smith

Mike Bassett-Smith I am Managing Director at PowerSmart, the largest solar power integrator in New Zealand. I have a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Victoria, Canada, where I studied how finance relates to the renewable energy industry, and sustainability in general. This interest in sustainability and renewable energy led to the founding of PowerSmart in 2007 with two friends from university. I have been on the Sustainable Business Network Board and am currently a director with Solpho.

Looking for Leadership in the Electricity Industry

Last week the Green Party bill ‘Fair Go for Solar’ failed to pass its first reading. The ‘Fair Go for Solar’ bill was just that; a bill looking to level the playing field between small-scale renewable distributed generation and centralised power companies. It was putting up the innovators against the incumbents. Sadly I am not the least bit surprised that the ‘Fair Go for Solar’ bill failed to...

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