Marty Hoffart

AuthorMarty Hoffart

Marty Hoffart straddles diverse sectors of the waste industry – commercial, community and education. The director of Tauranga based waste minimisation consultancy Waste Watchers Ltd is also an advocate for the not-for-profit sector in his role as Chair of the Zero Waste Network. He is co-founder and Chair of EERST Trust with its award-winning Paper4trees programme, as well as Chair of Keep Tauranga Beautiful and committee member of the New Zealand Product Stewardship Council. A Tauranga resident of more than 20 years, he credits his Canadian education and upbringing with sparking his ongoing advocacy for zero waste, product stewardship schemes and producer responsibility. His B.A. in Sociology and Psychology has proved useful in developing behaviour change programmes. He holds three industry-specific NZQA qualifications in zero waste and resource recovery and has worked as a waste minimisation consultant and educator at primary through to tertiary level. His professional relationships span the length of the country and the breadth of the waste industry, from remote schools to major corporates, local government to education institutions.

Recycling in New Zealand: not so green, not so clean

Well it’s official. The United Kingdom, Ireland, Scotland, Wales and a heap of other countries have left New Zealand in the dust. They are proving themselves cleaner, greener and 100 percent more pure than we might ever be, if we don’t get our act together soon. When it comes to recycling and reducing waste, we are in danger of becoming a global embarrassment hanging with the bottom of the pack...

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