Mark Unwin

AuthorMark Unwin

Mark Unwin has spent the last 12 years in senior management positions, building businesses based on providing compelling customer propositions. Mark sold his business Viaduct, New Zealand’s leading independent eftpos provider, to Smartpay in 2013. Following the transition from Smartpay, he founded iGenerate. iGenerate is set up to help make solar affordable to all New Zealanders. As Managing Director, Mark is responsible for the business’s strategic direction and the customer experience from first contact to post install service.

From Pipe to Platform

Last November Chicago was host to more than just the All Blacks. It was also home to ‘Solar Power Midwest’, the annual PV Conference and Expo. Over 350 companies and organisations attended and as Managing Director of iGenerate, I was one of them. The conference gave us a very interesting insight into the scale and scope of the solar industry in the U.S. and the many challenges they face.  Each...

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