Maree Wilks

AuthorMaree Wilks

A mother of six, Maree trained in photography and journalism. A conversational writer, she has had successes involving overseas trips as a photojournalist, including documenting WWII veterans who returned to Cassino, (Italy) 2004 and recently she accompanied the families of WWI executed soldiers who travelled the Western Front to visit the graves of five Kiwi soldiers who perished in what she described as ‘Judicial Murders’. Supported by her employers, Awarua Synergy, she accompanied an exhibition of her work (b/w imagery) ‘Return to Monte Cassino’ to Italy 2014 as an invited guest artist.

Awarua Synergy | Martin Sliva

It’s cold, often wet, and exposed to biting winds roaring in directly from Antarctica, all of which makes Southland the perfect proving ground for clever home heating and energy solutions. Cue Awarua Synergy, a fast-growing Invercargill firm whose tagline is “warming and eco-powering our deep south”. Launched initially as a home insulation service in 2011, the runanga-based venture has rapidly...

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