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Lindsay Wood is founding director of Resilienz Ltd., and works full time on climate initiatives, especially on making the science and technology of climate accessible to government, business and the community. He “specialises in being a generalist”, and in connecting the dots between different disciplines and between different climate issues. Lindsay’s work builds on an extensive career in the construction sector, often on environmental projects. His most-recent climate activities encompass policy work, business advice, construction research, workshops and writing – variously from mainstream and specialist media to his company’s widely-read newsletter Climate Matters. The breadth of Lindsay’s engagement is borne out by his frequent participation in climate-related activities, visits and conferences, and he is sought-after as a speaker and workshop facilitator.

Rethinking Growth Part Two

Anyone who believes in indefinite growth on a physically finite planet is either mad, or an economist –  Kenneth Boulding If you’ve read the NZ Productivity Commission’s milestone 2018 report Low-emissions economy, you’ll know it’s a widely-researched 600-page response to various climate imperatives.  Repeatedly, it flags population and economic growth as causes of rising greenhouse gas...

Rethinking Growth Part One

Under the banner The systems that got us here have failed, acclaimed business commentator Rod Oram recently shared his insightful stock-take on many things, and lamented,  Too often we can’t even agree a simple set of facts about a problem so our chances of solving it are minimal.  An intriguing example was last year’s public spat on RNZ between two economics big-hitters: Kate Raworth (of...

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