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You’ll find John King with positive farming deviants, farmers not doing best practice and getting better outcomes; reducing labour, increasing profits, and enhancing land function. He is a pioneering thinker and educator linking ecology to farming through observation and critical reflection. Trained in Allan Savory’s Holistic Management John’s focus is problem solving and creativity covering social, financial and environmental aspects of farming. He splits his time between New Zealand and Australia helping farming families and groups discover which questions to ask when regenerating farm land, livelihoods, and lifestyles.

Gabe Brown: Inspiring changes in Farmer Attitudes to Biodiversity

Right now North American municipalities are suing farmers in their communities for polluting waterways with nitrogen says mixed farmer Gabe Brown. And yet there are simple techniques to prevent this happening while saving farmers money. Gabe Brown addressed 150 farmers deep in central NSW tablelands, Australia, sharing how productivity on his property increased with nothing more than seeds...

Living Earth: How Biodiversity Improves Farming

Variety is spice of life yet when it comes to farming monocultures dominate.  If farmers have one or two species growing in paddocks, how far away are they from a desert?  Monocultures (single species) are notoriously biologically unstable and lift production costs to protect and maintain favoured species.  Yet biodiverse landscapes reduce boom bust cycles by increasing resilience, flexibility...

Uniting Farmers and Environmentalists through the Water Cycle

Why does the rural sector struggle to convince the public agriculture enhances environment? In a world where the voting public has lost touch with realities of food production how can farming improve its image? Agriculture has huge potential to connect with the public, especially grazing livestock. As evidenced by the 2009 Manchester Report into climate change solutions, there is no current or...

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