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You’ll find John King with positive farming deviants, farmers not doing best practice and getting better outcomes; reducing labour, increasing profits, and enhancing land function. He is a pioneering thinker and educator linking ecology to farming through observation and critical reflection. Trained in Allan Savory’s Holistic Management John’s focus is problem solving and creativity covering social, financial and environmental aspects of farming. He splits his time between New Zealand and Australia helping farming families and groups discover which questions to ask when regenerating farm land, livelihoods, and lifestyles.

Regenerative Farming Enhances Finances the Environment and Farmer Mental Health

Regenerate farming

How long can New Zealand rural leadership continue to ignore regenerative farming insights and techniques? Again, Australian farmers are proving how regenerative farming insights and techniques outperform traditional farming. Regenerative Australian grazers develop a different skill set allowing them to be profitable whilst enhancing biodiversity. These same skills also enhance farmer well-being...

How Microbial Communities Improve Agricultural Production

The world of biological farming is not confined to what happens in soil.  Biological products have been available for decades and provide strong competition for traditional chemical products.  Unlike many reach-for-the-shelf chemicals, biological products require more preparation and strategic thinking in their use.  The spray and walk away mentality falls short of the next level of agricultural...

Agro-Ecology Vs Agribusiness

The Net Zero in New Zealand report highlights ways and means of reducing GHG emissions later this century. Intensive land use, particularly pastoral farming highlights how solving this problem has become a race for technological solutions. Many of these technological solutions are fantastic, but do they address root causes?     There is no mention of the role of agro-ecological methods as if such...

Carbon: Soil’s Secret to Saving Civilisation

What do soil surfaces look like to absorb 200mm rainfall per hour?  This question is not asked in New Zealand agriculture and is overlooked because no text book illustrates this essential principle. The photo shows what soil surfaces look like to maximise rainfall absorption – cottage cheese, not cheddar. Note the soil colour is black, not grey as many NZ farming soils are described. This colour...

Grazing to enhance environment

Demonstrating How Grazing Enhances Plant/Soil Vitality and Ecosystem Health North American couple Tony and Jerrie Tipton do something really amazing. Mining companies call them as a last resort after substantial spending on seed and fertiliser to rejuvenate mining sites. They spread hay and straw around, graze their animals, and are gone in a matter of days. (Tipton & Heroism). These soils...

Gabe Brown: Inspiring changes in Farmer Attitudes to Biodiversity

Right now North American municipalities are suing farmers in their communities for polluting waterways with nitrogen says mixed farmer Gabe Brown. And yet there are simple techniques to prevent this happening while saving farmers money. Gabe Brown addressed 150 farmers deep in central NSW tablelands, Australia, sharing how productivity on his property increased with nothing more than seeds...

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