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Jo Clendon is the founder of the Bikes Welcome charitable trust ( After graduating from the University of Auckland with a Bachelor of Commerce degree she worked in Sydney and internationally. Her career features leadership roles in high profile international companies including: Procter & Gamble, EDS, Compaq, HP and Oracle. She returned to live in New Zealand in 2008. Since the birth of her second child in 2009 she has been a stay-at-home parent focused on the needs of her family as well as serving her community. After witnessing how it is done in Europe, Jo has been using a bike for everyday transport since and loves how much easier and more pleasant it is than using the car. She is a keen advocate for everyday cycling, improving children’s access to safe and accessible cycling everyday, healthy active communities and the environment. Jo also writes about cycling with kids (

Moving beyond car dependence: change is possible

We New Zealanders love our cars, as evidenced by our high rate of car ownership and how much we drive them. We have the third highest rate of vehicle ownership in the OECD. The total distance driven increased by 16% (2% per year) between 1997/98 and 2003–06; compared with a population increase of 7% over same period (NZTA).   Like the canary in the coal mine, we can gauge our increased car use...

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