Jill Cooper

AuthorJill Cooper

Jill Cooper is a Materials Engineer specializing in technical ceramics and refractories for high temperature processing industries. She has worked both as a research scientist and as an applications specialist un this field and has over 30 years of experience at CSIRO, Division of Materials Science, BHP Research Laboratories, and at BlueScope New Zealand Steel. She is currently the NZ agent for Advanced Materials Technologies. A dedicated windsurfer and nature lover, she is enthusiastic about creating new materials and processing techniques that reduce waste, eliminate and/or recycle their emissions and factor in their environmental and social impacts. Author photo credit Christopher Ian AIPP

Steeled for change

“A day will come when the [Steel] industry has no choice but to reduce its emissions, and those not working on solutions will be shut out”, says Chris Bataille, energy policy consultant and researcher at the Paris-based Institute for Sustainable Development and International Relations (IDDRI). Steel and other metals refining industries must embrace innovation with regard to sustainability if they...

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