James Treadwell

AuthorJames Treadwell

President of the New Zealand Institute of Forestry for 4 years, VP for 2 and CEO of IFS Growth Ltd. James has been instrumental in helping organisations build teams, undertake strategic reviews and plan and implement growth. He always looks for ways to improve and thrive in changing environments, confidently leading a team to a strong end result. His encyclopedic forestry industry knowledge and experience was honed in forests throughout Australasia over the past two decades and he is passionate about the forestry industry. When James does get free time, this is spent falling off bikes and other moving objects. He has probably broken most bones in his body. He has a good sense of humour but drinks way too many short blacks and doesn’t like to choose his own meal when dining out.

New Zealand’s foresters should not be punished for managing their forests sustainably

The New Zealand Institute for Forestry (NZIF) advocates for the adoption of an integrated land use policy for New Zealand. NZIF members’ interests are for more forests for conservation, production, urban forestry, recreation, biodiversity and wellbeing. Forests’ role in New Zealand’s future requires a wider societal debate. The future of forestry in New Zealand depends on the community’s...

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