James Russell

AuthorJames Russell

James Russell is a freelance environmental journalist, marketing strategist and creative. The founding editor of Element magazine, James is also the current editor of Your Future Home, NZME's new sustainable homes magazine.

Readying Our Roads For The EV Onslaught

In the final instalment of our Global Entrepreneurship Week green growth series, we talk to a man who is future proofing New Zealand’s transport network. This week in partnership with Pure Advantage and the Edmund Hillary Fellowship we’ve brought you inspiring stories of Kiwi entrepreneurs tackling problems in the areas of food, science media, housing, and pest control. Now we have a story that...

Prawns of the Sky?

This year during Global Entrepreneurship Week, in the spirit of celebrating all that New Zealand has to offer, Pure Advantage have teamed up with Kiwi Connect and the Edmund Hillary Fellowship to promote some of the incredible work that is being done in the green growth and clean-tech space in New Zealand, and showcase the opportunities that exist here. With small test populations, a spirit of...

The planet’s greenest airline?

An ambitious carbon offsetting program might make Air New Zealand the planet’s greenest airline. It’s been a long, hot summer. Perhaps those sweaty, sleepless nights served to harden the resolve of those on the board of Air New Zealand, when they backed the company’s decision to make a bold submission to the current Emissions Trading Scheme review a few months back. If acted upon, that submission...

Enviro-journalism: a snapshot

James Russell, ex editor of Element, laments its demise and looks ahead. It was all going so well. The Paris Climate Change conference, which kicked off on November 30 last year, coincided with what would turn out to be the last-ever issue of Element, the sustainable business and lifestyle magazine published monthly inside the pages of The New Zealand Herald for the past four and a half years. ...

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