Jacqui Macalister

AuthorJacqui Macalister

Jacqui is a sustainability advisor with executive-level experience leading and supporting global businesses in making sustainability transformations. She has led the sustainability function for multinational businesses in the food and agricultural sector – whilst on the executive team of IKEA’s global food business and at McDonald’s Europe. In August 2019 Jacqui founded Macalister & Co to share her insight and experience with business, government and NGOs in NZ. She is General Manager of Sustainability at Compass Agribusiness, and affiliated with FAI Farms and Chronos Sustainability in the UK. Jacqui has end-to-end experience in food value chains across agriculture, aquaculture, wild fisheries, deforestation, climate change, food waste, labour practices, social entrepreneurs, and nutrition. Jacqui holds undergraduate degrees in Law and Commerce from Otago University and is finishing an MSt in Sustainability Leadership at Cambridge University with a focus on food system partnerships.

Imagining the Food System We Really Want

It’s the dawn of the twenty-twenties, the make or break decade for climate change and humanity.  We’ve reached a tipping point for sustainability in virtually every sector on the planet, though arguably few on the scale of disruption in the food system. Regenerative agriculture (regen ag) is rapidly emerging worldwide as a new frontier for sustainable agriculture. So how do we make sense of the...

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