Iain Hosie

AuthorIain Hosie

Iain Hosie is co-founder and Managing Director of Revolution Fibres Ltd. After a career in environmental hazard management and policy, Iain accidentally became a high tech entrepreneur. Revolution Fibres is New Zealand’s premier advanced materials company and a global leader in nanofibre production, through its open innovation business model, enables companies to produce superior products using designed functional nanofibres.

Nanofibres, high value products from waste materials

Pluck a hair from your head and take a close look. Pretty fine in size. Now imagine a fibre 500 times thinner. For the team at Revolution Fibres, based in Henderson West Auckland, that’s what’s being created everyday. These nanofibres formed as rolled-good textiles that are being converted to everyday products – from filters for ventilation systems and facemasks; to reinforcing composites such as...

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