John Caradus

AuthorJohn Caradus

John Caradus is CEO of Grasslanz Technology. John was CEO of Dexcel, and Science GM for AgResearch. John has a background in forage plant breeding. John is a Fellow of the Royal Society of New Zealand (RSNZ), the NZ Institute Agricultural Science, and the Agronomy Society NZ. He is Past President of the NZ Institute of Agricultural Science, the New Zealand Grassland Association and the New Zealand Plant Breeding and Research Association. He is currently on the RSNZ Council.

Using Nature’s Goodness

Microbes for control of plant pests and diseases.  All too often the story of an exotic species arriving undetected on New Zealand shores turns out badly for our environment. In the case of the Epichloë endophytes, however, these tiny micro-organisms have hugely benefited pastoral farming in New Zealand and helped us understand how endophytes might hold the key to sustainable agriculture globally...

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