Geoff Simmons

AuthorGeoff Simmons

Geoff grew up barefoot in Okaihau (Far North) and West Auckland. He has now lived in Wellington for more than 15 years, working as an economist for a variety of organisations such as Treasury and the Morgan Foundation. He’s learned that we can solve our problems – but we aren’t doing so because our politicians choose popular solutions over smart solutions. Aotearoa New Zealand is a rich country; we can enjoy a beautiful natural environment if we stop subsidising the industries that destroy it. Geoff is now Deputy Leader and Wellington Central candidate for The Opportunities Party (TOP).

The Opportunities Party – Business with Heart, not Business as Usual

The Opportunities Party (TOP) is about truly sustainable progress that makes us all better off. To achieve that vision we need a nimble, clever government to set the rules of the game and a vibrant business community to play the game to the best of their ability. The trouble is that currently, the rules of the game encourage businesses to do things that don’t make us truly better off. These rules...

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