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Geoff Simmons is Leader of The Opportunities Party (TOP). Geoff is an economist, and in previous lives has written four books, run his own business and been a manager in the public service. Geoff has spent his career searching for solutions to New Zealand's biggest problems such as the housing crisis and our environmental emergency. He has seen that the biggest barrier to fundamental change is lack of political will - politicians are too keen to keep their cushy jobs to risk trying anything new. Geoff is in politics to change that. He wants to provide New Zealanders with an option for real change that will create a truly prosperous, sustainable and fair nation.

A Truly Sustainable COVID-19 Recovery

To paraphrase the saying – are we wasting a crisis?  With $20b still in the Government’s kitty, it is too soon to tell. But with $30b spent, there isn’t much to suggest Aotearoa New Zealand will re-emerge from the COVID-19 lockdown with a pathway to a more sustainable future.  From what we saw in the Budget, there is little bravery or vision in the Government’s response. They have...

The Opportunities Party – Business with Heart, not Business as Usual

The Opportunities Party (TOP) is about truly sustainable progress that makes us all better off. To achieve that vision we need a nimble, clever government to set the rules of the game and a vibrant business community to play the game to the best of their ability. The trouble is that currently, the rules of the game encourage businesses to do things that don’t make us truly better off. These rules...

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