Gary Taylor

AuthorGary Taylor

Gary Taylor is CEO of the Environmental Defence Society and co-convenor of the Australia-New Zealand Climate Change and Business Conference.

Fresh focus needed on climate change governance

The debate about what to do to address climate change continues unabated in New Zealand and around the world. Whilst high-level goals have been set in Paris, there remain many questions about how to achieve them. In New Zealand we have a plethora of opinions from a large number of interest groups: government should toughen up the ETS; government should scrap the ETS and impose a carbon tax;...

The transition pathway is the next big climate challenge

As the commitments made at last year’s Paris agreement on climate change start to take tangible form, countries are revisiting their carbon policies. New Zealand is no exception. The expectation is that our domestic policy settings will need to have much more bite. The big idea is that the world will collectively move to decarbonize its economies. There will be different pathways, trajectories...

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