Will Barker

AuthorWill Barker

Will is a seasoned executive experienced in commercialising new technologies through securing IP, fund-raising, governance and building high-performance teams. Will was the VP External Affairs Lanzatech, providing leadership while the company grew from a dozen to 150 employees. During his tenure at Lanzatech he was responsible for all corporate, IP and employment legal matters, including securities, corporate governance, board processes, employment law matters, marketing issues, anti-bribery/anti-corruption compliance program, employee benefits and equity plan administration matters, and financing transactions. He brings to Mint significant experience in managing cross-functional teams across several continents.

E-Waste can help kickstart New Zealand’s Circular Economy

Fifty million tonnes of computers, mobile phones and other electronics will be disposed of around the world this year, most of which will end up in landfill. Not only is this destructive to the environment, but it wastes valuable metals such as gold, copper and rare earths. The metallic value of the 95,000 tonnes of e-waste generated by New Zealanders each year is worth over NZ $100 million. A...

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