Dr Tom Trnski

AuthorDr Tom Trnski

Dr Tom Trnski is Head of Natural Sciences at Auckland Museum. Over 30 years he has coordinated and led marine surveys to remote reefs and islands across the Pacific Ocean and experienced first hand the differences between exploited and unexploited habitats. He is passionate about enabling marine communities to recover from exploitation and human impacts, and marine reserves are a valuable tool to deliver on this vision.

Fishing the Line- Marine Protected Areas a win for ecology and economy

A backward roll from the tender and I am fully submerged, surrounded by bubbles. Within seconds the bubbles rise to the surface, and I look through the very clear water and I count: one, two, five, nine, twelve, fifteen … and more sharks appear. These are juvenile Galapagos sharks coming to investigate an intruder into a territory where they are the top predator. The sharks are joined by...

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