Dr Shaun Forgie

AuthorDr Shaun Forgie

Shaun Forgie is a director of Dung Beetle Innovations and is head of Production and Research. In his previous role as a research scientist for Landcare Research, New Zealand’s foremost environmental research institute, Shaun received a science excellence award for his key role in the Dung Beetle Project. Shaun is a globally recognised dung beetle expert with PhD and MSc (Hons) degrees specialising in dung beetle reproduction, ecology and evolution.

When dung hits the land

New Zealand is recognised as the world’s leading pastoral agricultural producer. Agriculture is the backbone of New Zealand’s economy, with pasture based exports (NZD$22 billion in 2015) representing 47% of New Zealand’s total merchandise exports. Yet transformation of our pastoral production system is essential. New Zealanders are becoming increasingly concerned about the environmental impact of...

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