Dr. Gordon Hosking Dr. David Bergin

AuthorDr. Gordon Hosking Dr. David Bergin

David is director of Environmental Restoration Ltd (ERL) where he is a scientist specialising in restoration ecology and promoting the planting and management of indigenous timber species. Until recently he was a senior scientist with the Crown Research Institute Scion with 35 years of applied research experience. Dr Gordon Hosking has over 40 years experience in forest health research and research management. Much of this time was spent with New Zealand’s Forest Research Institute’s Forest Health Group working on pests of both exotic and indigenous forests.

Raising native trees – do cuttings have an edge?

It is encouraging to see the Crown Research Institute Scion applying greater resources to research into our native tree species, which may eventually contribute to their more widespread establishment for both production and environmental restoration. A major impediment to establishment of native forest is of course cost. Depending on the site and objectives of planting, estimates (costs) can be...

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