Don Carson

AuthorDon Carson

Don Carson became Communications Manager for the New Zealand Forest Owners Association earlier this year. He has been a radio and television host and journalist. Previous roles have been in communications for Federated Farmers, Seafood New Zealand, Hutt City Council and Wools of New Zealand. Don has recently completed his Law Bar examinations. Inside the primary sector, Don managed a halal certification company, and is director of a project to import exotic sheep into New Zealand.

Nativist mythology obstructs the fight against climate change

Planting indigenous trees is great for many reasons.  But we shouldn’t be fooled into thinking that in the fight against climate change they are better-because-they-are-natives. Some local academics and other commentators have been recently citing an international study published in April in Nature magazine (Simon Lewis et al) which concludes that indigenous forests are many times better than...

Wood – the new wool?

Sheep farmers used to rely on their livestock to provide two income streams – from both meat and wool. But as wool income dwindles still further, forestry offers a replacement source of on-farm earnings. Timber markets fluctuate, but are currently showing to be healthier than for dairy, lamb or beef.  Profits from trees per hectare are competitive against pastoral agriculture. Pinus radiata...

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