Dr David Rees

AuthorDr David Rees

Dr David Rees has worked as a consultant since the mid-1980’s in the UK, NZ and Australia. He has specialised in applying the concepts, methods and tools of the system sciences in a wide range of industries and is a founding partner of Synergia, a successful research and consulting business with offices in Auckland and Sydney. His work over the last few years has focused on health, energy sustainability, and climate change.

Modelling Net Zero New Zealand

A key aspect of the Net Zero NZ report is the requirement for a shift in land use, specifically a reduction in the amount of pastoral farming, especially dairy. That aspect of the report is seen as controversial, and unrealistic given the importance of the dairy industry to New Zealand’s economy. But the Net Zero report is not alone in calling for that shift. A recent OECD report on New Zealand’s...

Thinking Beyond Growth

The critical responses to the release of the NetZero report were predictable. Land use changes, a central pillar upon which the four scenarios were built, and the requirements for a significant reduction in the country’s dairy herd, raised some eyebrows, and were deemed to be unrealistic, as they would have “major implications for the economy“. Specifically, the impact on economic...

What’s next?

As the world confronts the enormous challenges it faces, people are looking for alternatives to the way things are currently done. Our current social, political and business models, designed for a ‘world without limits’ are having to confront a new reality. There are limits, and in many places we are butting up against them – e.g. land available for food production – in some cases, we...

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