Daniel Gudsell

AuthorDaniel Gudsell

The Founder of Abodo Wood, Daniel has a passion for truly sustainable natural wood products, and an in-depth technical understanding of what is possible in New Zealand plantation-grown Radiata Pine. Daniel is a member of the International Research Group of Wood Preservation (IRG-WP).

Back to Basics

After the much vaunted COP21 agreement in Paris, it appears that one of the New Zealand Government’s strategies is to simply buy carbon credits. It should be quite obvious that one of the best solutions is to plant more trees. However quite the opposite seems to be occurring. Current trends of deforestation are expected to continue with vast tracts of our sustainable plantation forest lost to...

Healthy Living

Te Uru Taumatua

When is it that we forgot about nature? Increasing evidence shows that natural materials, both in and outside your home are better for your health. Health and well-being embraces both physical health, and the psychological aspects of human performance. Designers are becoming increasingly interested in psychological and related physiological benefits of environmental factors. Intuition tells us...

Timber Choices for a Healthy Home

Is New Zealand really clean and green when it comes to construction timber? It appears not. For a start, an EPA publication identified New Zealand as one of the largest users per capita of Copper Chrome Arsenic (CCA) treated timber. Many of the plantation grown exterior timber products here in NZ are treated with arsenic or solvent based wood preservatives, while many of those that are not, are...

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