Chris Mulcare

AuthorChris Mulcare

I qualified as a Chemical Engineer from Auckland University and started my career as a project engineer in a range of industries within NZ, then moved into water desalination projects in Australia, UK and Middle East before working as a process engineer on North Sea energy projects. Returning to NZ, I took up a role in industrial chemical sales and marketing which turned into the product development and launch of Valvemaster - the lead replacement additive when NZ went unleaded. After this I established an enterprise to assist with commercialisation of IP in universities and research organisations prior to establishing Lomak an award winning laser technology company. A valley of death experience led to a role within government as a clean technology capital specialist. I am a passionate advocate for a smart prosperous low carbon economy, sometime ministerial advisor, public speaker and disobedient thinker and strategist.

Positive Visualisation

Whether you care about rugby or any sport for that matter, the simple truth is that the polished manner of the Rugby World Cup (RWC) win and our team’s conduct on the world stage has filled Kiwis with pride. It has set a wonderful example of what can be achieved through teamwork, a smart game plan and the pursuit of excellence. And this provides some interesting leadership opportunities for the...

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