Chris Keenan

AuthorChris Keenan

Chris has spent 25 years leading technology firms. His California Company provided 3D software and solutions for architecture, civil/mechanical engineering and film. Chris also developed proprietary software applications and served on the reseller advisory boards of Autodesk, Macromedia and Softdesk. In New Zealand Chris launched into 3D filmmaking and earned a conservation achievement award from DOC. Chris consults at UNITEC as a senior lecturer on 3D Animation, Film Design and Renewable Energy. He has a degree in Aviation Administration and is US FAA rated as a Multiengine Airline Transport Pilot. Chris is an avid sailor and yacht designer.

Recycling through 3D Printing

It may surprise many kiwis to know that the drinking bottle on their desk will not be recycled in New Zealand. About a third will end up in landfill and the rest will be shipped to China and Australia. Some of it will be burned and some melted down then shipped back to NZ as products in an ever wasteful, energy intensive cycle. What if we could up-cycle the bottles here in NZ directly into useful...

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