Carl Longstaff

AuthorCarl Longstaff

Carl is an accountant by profession who joined the family business in 1996. As managing director he is busy guiding the day-to-day activities of Metal Art Ltd, while also being actively involved in wider issues affecting his industry and community. Carl has overseen the development of recycled plastic as a viable alternative to traditional materials, and is at the forefront of promoting the economic and environmental benefits of productively using plastic waste in the Wellington region and beyond.

Recycling Plastic for Real Good

In 2010 we were looking for opportunities to expand and develop our business. Metal Art had been founded by my dad in 1990, and we were keeping busy with our architectural lines, commercial planters, and a new venture into street and park furniture. As a local manufacturer we recognised an increasing need for product diversity and flexibility in response to changing customer trends.  With a...

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