Bonar Vossen-Chong

AuthorBonar Vossen-Chong

Bonar Vossen-Chong (MBA, BSc, MInstD) is a freelance consultant and project manager. During 2015 his team led the activity culminating in the first bank CEO in Australasia to speak publicly on the topic of climate change. His studies have included climate change during his Master of Business Administration at the University of Auckland: exploring the relationship between NZ bank balance sheet exposure to the dairy industry as flow on impacts from climate change. He has held senior management roles in sustainability in the banking sector and social services, with experience at BNZ and the Reserve Bank of New Zealand.

How to get Business to Align with Climate Change

In an age before many of us remember – the 1920s and 30s – we were clumsily untangling ourselves from the apron-strings of Mother Britain. Our nation was like today’s twenty-and thirty-somethings who return home for a proper feed, and irregularly and nonchalantly delivering dirty clothes to the laundry-fairy. A young and hopeful nation we were. We had offered up our best and brightest for the...

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