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AuthorBob Beth

Born curiosity-driven, Bob Beth is a global adventurer, South Pacific sailor, software pioneer, and life long tech startup pro. Equally to small startups and global companies, he brings deep expertise in unlocking unprecedented opportunities through cross-sector mashups in service to the urgent transition to a Life Sustaining Society. Now in his sixth decade as a discerning early adopter of technologies, he is sought out as a true modern elder and creator of communities of practice spreading consciousness in business, and to the transformation of the global energy system. Bob is currently weaving together a shared values-based keiretsu or family of independent, loosely coupled companies whose complementary capabilities enable epic collaboration solving wicked economy-wide problems.

The economic viability of green electrolytic hydrogen

Bob Beth looks at current global trends around hydrogen generation from renewable energy, and drills into the benefits and opportunities for Aotearoa New Zealand to take a policy leadership role – and be open for business to accelerate the adoption of hydrogen infrastructure. Advances in energy capture are advances in human destiny. – Steven Pinker “Enlightenment Now…” The current...

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