Bill Currie

AuthorBill Currie

Bill has a strong personal interest in a great wind turbine solution, he lives in an off-grid house and has a long standing interest and belief in local energy solutions. After mechanical engineering training, Bill worked for New Zealand Electricity for 4 years. Following some time working overseas, Bill did an MBA at Otago University, including a project for Fisher & Paykel Appliances which evolved into 18 years of employment with the company. He worked on a number of roles starting with design engineering on the DishDrawer team, and concluding with responsibility for Engineering Services for all sites.

The Next Big Opportunity For Wind

Wind is the world’s second most universal renewable energy resource. With New Zealand’s long coastline and Roaring Forties latitude, it’s no surprise that wind is one of the fastest growing generation options in New Zealand. However, up until now, wind power technology has focused on large scale commercial generation, leaving people who want to use this renewable resource for their own power...

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