Bernie Napp

AuthorBernie Napp

Bernie Napp has held the role of policy manager at Straterra for the last five years. Previously he has worked as a NZ diplomat, newspaper reporter, and at the Department of Conservation, in communications, and later, policy. Conservation and resource management policy and regulatory reform has been a focus, as well as climate change. Bernie holds tertiary qualifications in geology and journalism. In his spare time he enjoys writing, music, painting, food and wine, mountainbiking, camping, gardening and planting trees. His daughter, Olivia, 8, is a member of her school’s eco-club.

Mining for the New Climate Economy

Let’s add “mining” to New Zealand’s “Pure Advantage”. Minerals are essential to sustainable cities, low-emissions transport, healthy homes, renewable electricity generation, ICT and e-connectedness, and other smart and green technologies, in New Zealand and overseas. The fact is that the “new climate economy” will demand more mining, because many of the technologies on which the future depends...

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