Barry Coates

AuthorBarry Coates

Barry Coates is a former Green Party MP and was Sustainable Business Network ‘Sustainability Champion’ in 2016. He has been active on climate change since the Earth Summit in 1992.

Re-thinking money and business

A roadmap towards sustainable finance For too long finance has been primarily about returns and risks. The ethics of how the funding is used have often been considered irrelevant. This has fuelled investment into pollution and exploitation with pervasive negative impacts. There has been little attention given to prioritising investments with positive social and environmental impacts. That’s the...

Mindful Investing for a Sustainable Future

At last, momentum is building towards a low emissions future. Now, 26 years after the signing of the UN Convention on Climate Change, we see commitments to reduce emissions from New Zealand corporate leaders, Councils and Government. But there is a missing piece in the jigsaw. Most of New Zealand’s investment still fuels the polluting economy. We need a massive switch in funding towards low...

Scaling up climate finance

The climate crisis needs massive investment to change and reorient our economy away from fossil fuels. Our new government has set a goal to reduce net emissions to zero by 2050. Getting to zero is necessary to play our part internationally, and feasible as shown by the Vivid Economics report from the GLOBE Parliamentary group. It will also help restore our international reputation as a leader in...

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