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Anna Yallop is the General Manager for Bioresource Processing Alliance. In recent years, Anna consulted as a Technology Scout and Tech Transfer Manager for Bayer, worked as a Business Manager - Science for Auckland UniServices Ltd, ran Callahan Innovation's Global Expert programme for the Northern half of the North Island and had her own start-up manufacturing business which she subsequently sold.

Adding value to food waste

Over recent years, we’ve not only started to change the way we think about environmental issues but have actively begun making changes in the way we behave when it comes to consuming. At home, we compost all of our vegetable and fruit waste, grow our own vegetables and have planted an almost entirely edible backyard of fruit trees. We’re by no means fully self-sustainable but we are trying to do...

Garage Project goes Circular with Mashbone for Dogs

Now I know that a good many of you will be familiar (perhaps too familiar!) with Wellington brewery Garage Project’s appetising range of beers but were you aware that they’ve branched out into delectable treats for dogs as well?  ‘Now why would a brewery start catering to pets?’ I hear you ask – and that’s a good question because, as a rule, companies who...

New Zealand King Salmon

I could talk all day with companies and scientists about looking for ways to make money from waste and I’ve been particularly interested in the work that New Zealand King Salmon (NZKS) is doing to sustainably generate revenue streams using all of their raw material. This is the kind of thinking I’m seeing more and more, as corporate responsibility becomes mainstream and customers...


Mini-reactor provides inexpensive, rapid turnaround and safe system for industry product development. A mini hydrothermal reactor has been commissioned by Scion at its Rotorua site as part of a project undertaken with additional funding from the BioResource Processing Alliance (BPA). The mini-reactor is a small scale, high temperature, high pressure reactor system that can be used for testing the...

Bioresource Processing Alliance


Can I firstly, applaud the Pure Advantage team for providing a portal for sharing information and inspiration on how New Zealand can retain and improve its green image by unashamedly linking it to the economy and how the country can thrive! Don’t get me wrong, I am totally supportive of protecting the environment but all too often, we focus on environmental ideals in isolation, without...

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