Andrew Fisher

AuthorAndrew Fisher

As owner and director of Eco Stock, Andrew has made a significant impact on the waste minimisation sector in the 11 years of running this business. His previous experience as an Engineering Officer (1993-2000) and Special Air Services Officer (2000-04) with the NZ Army, and as Managing Director, NZ Chemical Care and Storage (2004-07) prepared him for an innovative leadership role. He has undertaken tertiary level training at the Royal Australian Army School of Military Engineering, and after re-entering civilian life in 2004, he studied business papers through Massey University.

The biological circular economy

In New Zealand the circular economy concept is starting to take root and build momentum. The circular economy approach views all materials as a potential resource, reducing waste to landfill and cycling inputs back into the productive economy. The practice rejects the “take-make-waste” thinking found in the linear economy in favour of cycling biological (bio-cycle) and technical materials back...

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