Alistair Davis

AuthorAlistair Davis

Alistair Davis grew up in Wellington and educated at Wellington College and Victoria University graduating with a LL.B and B.C.A (majoring in Business Administration) in 1979. He joined Toyota New Zealand in 1979 with roles across most functions in the organisation over the 30 plus years. He was appointed a General Manager in 1987, was assigned to Toyota Motor Sales in Los Angeles for 2 years in 2001 and eventually became Chief Executive Officer of Toyota New Zealand in 2008 as it celebrated 20 years of market leadership. Alistair is presently on a number of non-Toyota boards including recently being elected chair of the Sustainable Business Council Advisory Board. Alistair is married with 4 adult children and 1 grandchild and is involved in a range of Christian activities as a trustee and previous Chairman of Alpha in New Zealand.

Some Personal Thoughts on the Future of the Car Business

The things that are driving innovation in today’s car business are not the traditional focus of improving design, extending performance, upgrading specification and reducing cost. These are all critically important, but they don’t keep the car companies awake at night. There are three things driving the car business innovation at present – all of them relate to the technology revolution and...

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