Alexa Forbes

AuthorAlexa Forbes

Alexa lives in Queenstown New Zealand. She works for Capable NZ, the Otago Polytechnic as a facilitator and is an elected member and chair of Infrastructure Committee for Queenstown Lakes District Council. Alexa's Kaupapa is to design and manage her work life for maximum contribution to a better future. Her focus is on the regeneration of people, communities and natural environments through communication, collaboration, planning and creativity. Within Alexa's work in graduate programmes, she researches future thinking - specifically disruptive technology and disruptive environmental degradation.

Let’s talk traffic – lessons for Queenstown from Oslo

Many in Queenstown envisage a relatively car free town centre – see the Town Centre Master Plan – to allow maximum room for, and better quality experience of interaction, business and recreation. Congestion, lack of parking and general difficulties in getting from A to B are well known in the town and have been a focus of local discussion for many years now. It’s a hot discussion point in...

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