Adrien Taylor

AuthorAdrien Taylor

Adrien is a former TV3 news journalist who covered the environment round. He's left journalism (although still does the odd bit of freelance work) to pursue business with his two startups: Bamtino and Offcut. He hasn't lost his passion for the environment though and he's a firm believer that big business can make faster progress towards solving environmental issues like climate change than politics can.

Thirty Million

Thirty Million is a 35 minute documentary on the effects sea-level rise and climate change will have on the people of Bangladesh. The country is widely considered the most vulnerable in the world to climate change. The title Thirty Million references a staggering statistic: 30 million people are expected to be displaced over the coming decades as the country is projected to lose 17% of its land...

Offcut Caps

It started with a trip to my old man’s curtain textile warehouse in Christchurch last year. I’d been to his work many times before and remember jumping around in the soft off cut waste bin with my sisters as a kid. But on this particular visit, something sparked a thought in my mind as we walked past the room full of remnant fabrics and unused samples. “What do you do with all these, dad?” I...

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